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Two Phase Treatment is a specialized orthodontic process that involves as the term describes two phases of treatment — with the first phase beginning when your child still has remaining primary (baby) teeth, and the adult teeth are beginning to erupt into the mouth. Phase two treatment begins once all of the adult teeth have erupted into the mouth. The goal of two phase treatment is to act as an intervention, to prevent future complications and possible invasive treatments down the road.

What is Phase One Treatment?

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that by the age of seven as the ideal time for children to first see an orthodontist. After this initial orthodontic evaluation, Dr. Sharma may recommend two-phase treatment because she has recognized the need for early orthodontic intervention. In some cases, waiting for the adult teeth to erupt before starting orthodontic treatment results in the need for more invasive treatments and extended treatment time.

Dr. Sharma evaluates every child individually, to determine if two-phase treatment is the best option. The initial orthodontic evaluation, which includes obtaining various orthodontic records, determines if there is the potential for future crowding issues, the problem with how the teeth will bite together, jaw problems, identifies impacted teeth and so on.

The Resting Period

Since phase one treatment is a preventative treatment used to intervene future orthodontic problems from taking place, the partial use of braces and/or appliances may be recommended to guide and position the teeth while holding them in place until the adult teeth have finish erupting into the mouth. During this resting period, Dr. Sharma will monitor how the adult teeth are progressing and will plan for the removal of any primary (baby) teeth may be in hindering the adult teeth from erupting.

What is Phase Two?

Phase two treatment is used to fine tune the teeth into their correct location, typically involving full upper and lower braces. The length of phase two treatment depends on various factors.

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